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Are your data science courses teaching these ?
Are your data science courses teaching these ?

Data science is a unique field that combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics & statistics to get meaningful insights from data.

We all learn data science courses in lots of different languages like Python , R ,Julia and stuff, all these courses teach the domain knowledge , mathematics and stats and a bunch of libraries from different programming languages. We all can agree with these right ? Yes.

What if I say that there are some things which are common irrespective of domain…

Is IoT is next major data producer ?
Internet of Things

We have been using the data that is stored in files or data bases. Can you imagine if the data flows in minute to minute and that need to modelled then and there for immediate actionable tasks ?

Here is the future of data comes from IoT (Internet of Things).

Imagine you’re at work and realize that you might not have turned off the air conditioner while leaving your house, instead of traveling all the way back home what if you could use your smartphone to know the status of your ac and perhaps even turn it off ? wouldn’t…

Top 10 technologies to stay updated in 2021
Top 10 technologies to stay updated in 2021

A lot has changed this year we’ve got a worldwide pandemic we’re all stuck working from home so why not make the most out of your time at home, that’s why here we are talking about the top 10 technologies you should stay updated in 2021.

10. blockchain

It’ll truly be easy to handle a lot of the problems that real-world data will throw at you and it’ll also be easy to pick up new packages and add them to your workflow as needed now these are generally in no particular order but these first five packages are part of the core tidyverse that means it’s super simple just to run installed on packages tidverse followed by library tidyverse and you are ready to rock and roll with these packages.

Top R Packages to master in 2021


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