Top 10 technologies to stay updated in 2021

Top 10 technologies to stay updated in 2021
Top 10 technologies to stay updated in 2021

A lot has changed this year we’ve got a worldwide pandemic we’re all stuck working from home so why not make the most out of your time at home, that’s why here we are talking about the top 10 technologies you should stay updated in 2021.

10. blockchain

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Blockchain the technology behind bitcoin has so much more to offer than just cryptocurrencies. It has become a major combatant to deep fakes and fake news by fingerprinting the video at source, it leaves a trail that can be traced back easily. we are seeing a widespread adoption of blockchain for transactions as it removes the need for an intermediary .Many security organizations are currently working on a number of blockchain applications.

9. quantum computing

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It is a form of computing that takes advantage of quantum phenomena like superposition and quantum entanglement. It is also involved in preventing the spread of coronavirus and to develop potential vaccines, its ability to easily query monitor analyze and act on data. Regardless of the source in banking and finance quantum computing would help manage credit risk for high frequency trading and fraud detection quantum computers are now thousands of times faster than regular computers.

8. 5G

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The technology of 3g and 4g have enabled us to browse the internet use data-driven services increase bandwidths for streaming on spotify or youtube. Similarly 5g services are expected to revolutionize our lives by enabling services that rely on advanced technologies like Virtual Reality alongside cloud-based gaming services like google stadiacand much more. 5g is expected to be used in factories HD cameras that help improve safety and traffic management smart grid control and smart retail.

7. IoT(Internet of Things)

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IoT would evolve into the intelligence of things as more and more devices become AI enabled IoT software and hardware applications. are expected to see great growth. IoT is expected to be adopted by smart manufacturing and healthcare and is expected to bring about industry 4.0. AI enabled medical IoT devices can have applications like clinical decision-making, thermal image recognition, surgical assistance, smart clinics and telemedicine centers. companies like sap, siemens,ibm, huawei and cisco are all currently working on making all new IoT applications it is expected that there will be 35 billion IoT devices installed worldwide by 2021 and 75.44 billion by 2025.

6. cyber security

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Given the current scenario and for a while to come cyber security is going to be a major focus for many organizations. There would be an increased focus on protecting smaller organizations from cyber attacks, protecting the identities and devices of remote workers. Preventing access to confidential patient records, protecting smart supply chains etc., the need for proper cyber security. According to cyber crime magazine it is expected that by 2021 ,6 trillion dollars will be spent globally on cyber security.

5. Augmented virtuality and extended reality

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Augmented virtuality and extended reality in 2021.we can expect these forms of technologies being further integrated into our lives. AR and VR is expected to play a huge role in the field of healthcare by providing training simulations to help medical professionals and for opticians to perform eye tests. It is also to play a huge role in the educational sector greatly improving the interactivity.


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DARQ is an emerging technology that several major industries have their sights on. DARQ is a combination of distributed ledger technology includes Artificial intelligence, extended reality and quantum computing. Accenture who introduced DARQ beliefs that these technologies combined could have an enormous impact on technology. As a whole DARQ is now primarily geared towards the healthcare industry where it is expected to lower the cost of care, improve labor productivity and enable better experiences for consumers and partners.

3. As-a-Service

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Cloud services are expected to provide even more services that make technology like AI and robotics accessible to every business .Companies like Google Microsoft, Amazon & a number of startups and innovators cutting-edge technology is accessible to everyone with little investment . Server less computing is also something that’s being focused on as it provides users the opportunity to work on the core product without operating and managing the servers. Hybrid cloud is also expected to show great growth, thanks to its speed ease of control and security options.

2. Automation

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With an increasing number of potential cases initiatives towards self-driving vehicles would be a priority for civic authorities across the world. There would also be an increase in the incorporation of robots in the care and assisted living sectors robotic devices are expected to provide companionship to elderly people. Drones are also expected to be incorporated for the delivery of medicine ,groceries and other essential goods.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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AI is a field that’s expected to see the most amount of growth in the next year .AI can help interpret and understand the enormous amount of content produced. Machine learning algorithms would become better informed and perform much more sophisticated operations it is expected to be used to analyze interactions to determine underlying connections and insights to help predict demand for services like hospitals and enable authorities to make better decisions about resource utilization. AI will be used by businesses to detect the changing patterns of customer behavior.

With that we’ve reached the end of this article , do you think there’s something even more amazing than AI ? let us know in the comment section below. Do CLAP if this is helpful.

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